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Texas History
est. 1857
Williamson County, Texas


Andice, Texas is a small town on the far west side of Williamson County - Andice was originally called Stapp and later renamed Berry's Creek before becoming Andice.

Andrew "Buck" Jackson had a small store near upper Berry's Creek and became postmaster of Berry's Creek post office in the fall of 1876. In 1879 Benjamin W. Stapp was appointed the new postmaster.

Andice Newton was born in 1899, son of a pastor, and applied for a post office, requesting that it be named "Audice." Postal officials misread the name, approved the office as "Andice," Andice was appointed postmaster in 1899.

Andice is located about 18 miles west of Georgetown on Highway 2338 and 10 miles south of Florence on Highway 970. The site was settled in the early 1850s and developed a cattle industry after the Civil War when wheat and cotton were significant local crops.



ANDICE, TEXAS est. 1857

Population: 25 (2003)

WWII soldiers Gene Howland, Gene Pearson, and Grady Howland (L to R) in downtown Andice on leave from duty in 1941. Andice was misnamed for “Audice,” the name of the son of the local pastor who applied for a community post office in 1899.

Courtesy of Connie Kanetzky 

Image 8268
Three soldiers by car,
l-r: William Eugene Howland, Gene Preseton Pealson, and
Howard Grady Howland, Andice, Texas, during furlough in WWII - 1940



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image 1033
Emzie & Elzora Fisher

image 1064

Andice, Texas,
Businesses in 1929

image 2005

Dorothy Fisher [Sauls], age 18, riding a longhorn bull at the Elzie Fisher farm

image 2031

Augusta "Gus" Fisher w/ old faithful dog, "Ole Blue" ca. 1920's at George Fisher's home on Sunset Lane, east of Andice, Texas.

image 2102

Mr & Mrs. John F Stapp and Mae Stapp in Wagon w/ Horses - Gus & Ben Jacob's R & W Store [1932-1974] in background. Andice, Texas, ca. 1930's

image 2066

Hog Butchering, Pat Osuna at Dunlop Place, Andice, Texas. ca. 1949

image 2117

Wade Howland with dog "Ossie" & gun, ca 1930's, Andice, Texas

image 2071

Bethel Baker, son of Robert Zebulon Baker and Minerva Ellen "Bea" Swindle Baker. He was one of two boys and nine girls in the family. Bethel Baker married Leah Landry in the late 1920's. They had no children, but dozens of nieces and nephews. He farmed the family farm [the Baker Place] of about 200 acres on the North San Gabriel River between Andice and Liberty Hill until 1956 when the Great Drought of the 1950's reached its climax. He was not able to make a crop in over two years. Until the end, he farmed with mules. His father had told him that he thought the tractors were not good for the soil.

image 8050
Gus Fisher with his children

image 8051
Grandchildren of Gus Fisher, son 4th from left in the middle is Emizie "Hamp" Fisher, ca. 1930's

image 8053
Bertha & Elzie Fisher 57th Anniversary

image 8054
Dot-100 years old on Christmas Day with Willie Jones Dailey

image 8055
Fisher Family

image 8056
Grandpa Grant Jones

image 8061
Fisher Boy

image 8062
Fisher Family,
Andice, Texas

image 8063
Fisher Family, children of Ausust and Sally fisher, l-r: Sam, Sally, George, Robert, Mary Fhsier William, Joies, Elzie and A.B. Fisher

image 1183
Gus [b. 1845] and Seley [b. 1859] Chapman Fisher and family, near Andice, Texas. ca. 1900's. Gus Fisher had been a slave in Arkansas. Gus, son of Joe Fisher, was half brother of the famous King Fisher. Gus came to Texas at age 9 with the Joe Fisher Family.

image 1193
Primitive Baptist Preachers in cart and riding oxen

image 1194
Rock House Community School, Andice, Texas, ca. 1920's

image 8273
l-r: Ruby Howland, Helen Howland with little girl Connie Howland, Lula
Howland, ca.1951, Andice, Texas

image 1206
War Time Wedding, WWII, Veron Douglas Dunlop and Imogene King,
Andice, Texas

image 2072
These fellow had a snake roundup, apparently a very successful one. North San Gabriel River, ca. 1930's.

image 2104
Madge McCormick Smith "Cowgirl" of Florence-Andice, Texas, July

image 2116
William Miles Howland as a
boy on pony

image 4003
Emzie Fisher fixing a fence near Andice, Texas

image 4026
William Wilson Howland in overalls and hat, holding the mules "Kit" and "Buck". Mule "Jack" in lot, son Eugene Howland holding the mare "Trixie", son Grady Howland behind "Trixie's" colt. Andice, Texas, ca. 1930's

image 4027
Young boy with big hat is Grady Howland, man in overalls and hat, holding colt is William Wilson Howland, boy facing colt is Eugene Howland on Howland Farm, Andice, Texas, ca.1930's

image 4028
Connie Howland Kanetzky and her father Grady Howland, with Jersey Cow named "Pet" from the Pet Milk Company. Andice, Texas, ca.1930's

image 4029
William Wilson and Lula Howland with chickens, Howland Farm,
Andice, Texas,
ca. 1930's

image 5042
Baptizing in river, Gabriel Mills, near Andice, Texas

image 5043
Mount Horeb Methodist Church, built 1854, used as church ca. 1927, moved to Mahomet. It was still used as church, until it was torn down in 1940, Gabriel Mills, near Andice, Texas

image 8002
Charles and Gene Fisher with goats at the Fisher farm at Andice/Florence. The Fisher family led by Gus Fisher, a former slave in Arkansas, is one of the earliest and most noted Black Families in the county.

image 8149
Bell Anderson Bowen and Charles Bowen with horse "Old Blue",
Andice, Texas, ca. 1924

image 8150
Emilee Baker Love in Wedding Dress 1/1/35 beside car. Andice, Texas

image 8151
Six Baker children at a
reunion, Andice, Texas,

image 8153
Robert & Minerva Baker Family, Andice, Texas

image 8155
Uriah Anderson's Grandchildren. Andice, Texas
ca. 1940's

image 8157
Merle Maness. Granddaughter of Zebulon & Bea Baker.
Andice, Texas

image 8158
Seymour School Class, Andice, Texas, ca. 1910

image 8194
Lucille Smith, portrait at 17, ca. 1918

image 8202
Funeral [Casket] of William Wilson Howland in 1946

image 8205
Lowel & Wade Howland on front porch, ca. 1930's, Andice, Texas

image 8206
Howland Farm House ca. 1915, Andice, Texas

image 8250
Norman Whitfield, Andice, Texas, ca. 1924, son of "Uncle Will and Aunt Lula" Whitfield

image 8265
Ruby Howland and friend, at Howland Farm. Andice, Texas

image 8267
Lula Pearl [Smith] Howland and baby son, William Eugene Howland, ca. 1919, Howland Farm, Andice, Texas

image 8269
Two soldiers during WWII, l-r: Gene Howland and Grady Howland at parents home, Will and Lula Howland, Andice, Texas

image 8270
Boy with Dog

image 8271
l-r: Lula Howland, Ruby Howland holding Martha Howland, William Wilson Howland holding puppy. ca. 1946

image 8272
WWII Army Air Corp Pilot William Eugene Howland from Andice, Texas

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Andice Baptist Church



Santa Rosa DeLima Chapel

General Store



Community Center-School


Andice Cemetery

The Keating Cemetery (from Georgetown) was

 relocated to the Andice Cemetery
by the Corp of Engineers because
of the North Fork/Georgetown Lake


Bittick Family Cemetery

Rocky Hollow Cemetery


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