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  New Hope First Baptist Church Cemetery
Historical Marker,
Cedar Park, Texas

Location: 200 W New Hope Dr, off US 183


New Hope First Baptist Church and Cemetery - Historical Marker

Although Baptist worship services may have been conducted in this area as early as 1848, this church was not formally chartered until 1868. On October 22 of that year the organizational meeting was held in the home of James M. and Elizabeth Trammell, pioneers of the rural Block House community. Six charter members formed the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Christ, and the Rev. Thomas F. Bacon was chosen to serve as the first pastor. The church cemetery was first used in 1869 for the burial of Martha Elizabeth Inman, the wife of deacon S. C. Inman. Other marked gravesites include those of settlers who were prominent early leaders of the church and community. For over a century the New Hope First Baptist Church has been instrumental in the development of the Cedar Park area. From 1871 until 1919 the church building was also used for the public school. Pastors have included such leading Baptist ministers as missionary J. E. Hamilton, who died in Brazil of yellow fever, and the Rev. D. E. Simpson, board member and first treasurer of the Texas Baptist Children's Home, who was baptized and ordained here.



Location: 200 W New Hope Dr, off US 183

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The New Hope Cemetery
Historical Narrative

The New Hope Cemetery is under the jurisdiction of the New Hope First Baptist Church and is located on Church property adjoining the church building. One side of the cemetery is on U.S. Highway 183 . It was opened in 1869 and is still in use.

The first grave in the cemetery is that of Martha Elizabeth Inman. She was buried in 1869 at the age of 38 years, no birth date is given. She was the first wife of S.C. Inamn, who was born August 8,1827 and died November 20, 1906. Mr. Inman and his family were very active in the New Hope Church. [1]

Four years later the Tubb Family buried their infant daughter, Nancy, in the cemetery. Nancy Tubb, daughter of J.C. and Elizabeth Tubb was born April 22,1873 and died July 22,1873. J.C. Tubb was born March 5, 1832 and died February 12,1918. Elizabeth Tubb was born February 27, 1837, and died March 3, 1914. Other members of the family were buried in the cemetery as late as 1951. The Tubb family name appears in the records as having sold land to the trustees of the church in 1879. [2]

James M. Trammell was born May 13, 1809 and died April 24, 1881. His wife, Elizabeth was born February 21, 1818 and died March 20, 1887. They were numbered among the founders of the New Hope Baptist Church. The organizational meeting was held in their home. [3] Later, they gave land or sold it to the trustees of the church.

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2. Pastor's notes and records
3. Letter from a granddaughter of J.M. and Elizabeth Trammel dated April 16,1982.

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New Hope First Baptist Church and Cemetery
Historical Narrative by Pastor Kenneth Baker

200 West New Hope Drive,
Cedar Park, Texas 78641

The History of the New Hope First Baptist Church of Cedar Park, Texas is both long and colorful. It has enjoyed a prominent place in the settling of this western area of Williamson County and has been a strong force for good in the growth of the community.

There is some evidence that the church existed here as far back 1848. [1] The written records available begin in 1868 on October 22. Therefore it is the date claimed. The Church was organized and named the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Christ, meeting at Block House, [2] in the home of James M. Trammell and his wife Elizabeth. [3]

The first membership list included James M. Trammell, Elizabeth Trammell, Jesse R. Hicks, W.S. Hicks, S.I. Taylor and Isaac D. Barefoot, as founding members. Thomas F. Bacon was the first pastor, James M. Trammell and Jesse Hicks were ordained to serve as deacons. 4

The first members received in 1868 were : John T. Noble, Lucy Noble, Thomas Inman, J.T. Long, S. Baker and Missouri Trammell. The first Church clerk was D. Barefoot. [5]

In 1870, a log church was built one and one-quarter miles from the present location and three miles south of Bagdad, on the old Austin to Burnet Road. The land was part of the Trammell property and contained two acres. It was given or sold to the Church for the purpose of building a church. [6] In 1871, the Church voted to rent the building to the State of Texas for use as a schoolhouse. [7]

Block House community had a voting box, a school and church. The school was in operation until 1923."Old Cedar Park" and "New Hope" were consolidated to form the new White Stone, built of white rock. It consolidated with Leander in 1954. [8]

In 1879, a new frame building was erected at the present location. [9] The old church building was sold for $24.00 and the lot for $6.00. [10] In 1885 the deeds to the church property and the cemetery were read and approved by the church. [11] In 1890, the first Sunday School was organized. In 1897, a brush arbor was built to serve for summer revivals. In that year an organ was purchased by the Sunday School.

In 1931, the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Christ stopped using the Church of Christ part of the old name. [12]

The first pastor, Brother Thomas Bacon was paid $14.50 per month as his salary. In 1931, Brother 0.F.Dingler's salary was $15.00 per month. In 1942, the pastor's salary was $27.50 per week. [13]

On May 28th,1948, a ground breaking was held for the building of new parsonage. Through the years additions and improvements were made to the buildings. [14]

By 1953, the church had had thirty-eight pastors. To that date eleven preachers had been called to the ministry. A Brother J.E. Hamilton who had pastored at New Hope went to Brazil as a missionary he refused to return home when his time was up. He died in Brazil of Yellow Fever.

There have been many great servants of the Lord serve at New Hope. Dr. D.H. Truhitte was called as interim pastor on February 20, 1966, after his retirement as pastor of Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin. During his pastorate of nine months, the first part of the auditorium was constructed. On October 9,1966, Brother D.E. Simpson was called as pastor of New Hope. [15]

Brother D.E. Simpson was baptized August 9,1921, later he was ordained as a deacon, then he surrendered to preach and was ordained as a minister in 1933, all at New Hope Baptist Church. After two years in San Marcos Baptist Academy, he became pastor of the First Baptist Church in Round Rock. He was instrumental in founding the Texas Baptist Children's Home. Brother Simpson retired as pastor of New Hope in 1973. On February 3,1981,he went to be with his Lord. Brother Simpson is buried in the New Hope Cemetery.

On November 18,1973, Brother Kenneth Baker was called as pastor. In January 1974, the name First Baptist Church was added to New Hope. In 1975, the new red brick building was constructed. [16]

The New Hope First Baptist Church has been affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention since 1869. It joined the Austin Associated of Baptist Churches at Lampasas in 1869.

The Church building was used as a school house for many years and served the Baptist residents of the communities of Bagdad, Leander, White Stone and Cedar Park.
New Hope First Baptist Church has enjoyed a long and useful History in the Leander-Cedar Park area. It has been called by four names: "New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Christ", "Old Block House Church", "New Hope' and now in 1982, soon to be one hundred and fourteen years, The New Hope First Baptist Church" still holds forth the gospel of Jesus Christ as the hope of the world and our community.

The present Deacons are Elmo Noble, Bill Cox, Burgess Haydon, Bobby Simpson, Neal Hudson, J.M. Huckabee, Ralph Ismael, and Frank Mills. The current membership is now three hundred and Sunday School attendance now stands at one hundred.

Summary of significant dates:
October 22,1868 --- Church constituted
After August 1870 -- early 1871 --- Log Church built-and donated by
Ann Wooten.
1879 moved to present location -- Built a frame building.
1975 --- Built present brick building.

Some family data

Elmo Noble is a grand nephew of the John T. Noble mentioned in the notes. Elmo's father was Green Noble and John T. was his uncle. Mrs. Green Noble was an Edwards, also related to the early Edwards family. Brother Elmo Noble is a deacon in the New Hope Church.

Julia Inman, the youngest daughter of C.S. Inman and Mary Cathren Inman, was born December 13,1896.Her father, C.S. Inman, would have been 69 years old at her birth. He died November 20,1906 at age 79. Julia was 10 years old. She has been a member of New Hope Church 65 years. She was converted and baptized at age 20 and has never married nor been a member of any other church.

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