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  Granger, Texas History
est. 1882


Czech Moravian Brethren Church, June 5, 1915. Granger was the center of a large Czech Moravian immigrant population. This photograph was taken by
the studio of John Paul Trlica, the son of a Moravian immigrant.


Courtesy of Dan Martinets



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image 1003
Early 20th Century motor truck used to gather milk from the
Granger area farmers.

image 1021
Granger Corn Parade Carnival ca. 1938

image 1025
Round Hall, Between Barlett & Granger

image 1028
Granger Imagenic Band, Granger, Texas,
ca. 1907

image 1029
Train Station, Granger, Texas

image 1031
Flood in Granger, Texas - May 1910. Main Street, Dubil Meat Market, Trlica Photography, and in backgrounnd, Czech Moravian Brethren Church

image 1034
left, Frank Kopecky & right, Anton Naizer in Uniform

image 1035
Lady in Dress
& Hat

image 1072
Couple in Czech Native Costume

image 1073
Aerial View of Granger
in 1909

image 1075
Paul & Annie Volcik, Granger, Texas, ca.1900's

image 1080
Taylor Parade, Fireman Racing Team from Granger, July 4, 1922

image 1082
"The Hour of Victory" Nov 11, 1918, End of WWI Armistice Day, Granger, Texas

image 1102
Aerial View of Granger Dam before Water

image 1104
Building Granger Dam on
San Gabriel River

image 1146
WWI Aviator in France - Ed Bartosh, son of Valentine and Filomena Bartosh

image 1173
West Side Main Street, Granger, Texas, ca.1916

image 1177
Anton Zrubek & Family at farm in Model- T Ford. back seat: Anton Zrubek, husband, Antonia Zrubek, wife, Angeline Zruber,daughter, front seat Johnny Zartosky, a boy Zrubeks' raised, Rudolph Zrubek, son

image 1178
Granger Fire department Racing Team, Granger, Texas ca. 1923

image 1179
Group of Men, Granger, Texas


Back row:

  from the left - Joe Albert "Sona" Fojtik

 4th from the left - Clement "Red" Karkoska

  7th from left - Joe Naizer

Front row:

 4th from the left - Daniel Naizer


image 1180
Granger Dance Band, back l-r: John Zett, Emanual Zett, Sybil Zett, Helen Zett, front l-r: Bill Naizer, George Matystok, Rudolph Zett. Raymond Stasny, Granger, Texas, ca. 1938

image 1182
SPJST Lodge No. 20, organized in 1897, Granger, Texas. ca. 1946, Photo
by Jno P. Trilica



image 2013
40th anniversary of SPJST Lodge in Granger, 24 June 1937

image 6004
Palacky School Class, ca. 1910, 6 miles west of Granger, Texas.

image 6005
Moravia School Class with teachers Mr. & Mrs. Cockrell, 1927, Granger,

image 6006
Palacky School
Class, ca. 1910, 6 miles west of Granger, Texas. Teacher in center, Ms. Mary Parma, later married Emil Bartosh, local grocery store owner and cotton buyer He was Organist and she Choir Director of the SS Cyril Methodius Catholic Church. Photo by Jno. P. Trlica

image 6008
School Class, SS Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church, ca. 1950's, Granger,

image 6010
School Class, SS Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church, ca. 1911, Granger,

image 6011
Granger Moravia School 1927-1928. Two room school with two teachers,
grades 1-8. School established ca. 1880's

image 6020
First Catholic School in Granger, Texas, ca. 1900's

image 6052
SS Cyril Methodius Catholic Church School Youth Group, Granger, Texas

image 6053
Graduating HS Class, Granger, Texas

image 6055
School Class

image 6058
Two school building at Enterprise & Old Friendship, east of Granger, Texas

image 6059
Enterprise School Building, Friendship, East of Granger, Texas

image 6060
Moravia School Building, near Granger, Texas

image 6062
School Class

image 6063
1938 Catholic School Class, Granger, Texas

image 6064
Friendship School Facility 1923-1958, east of Granger, Texas

image 6065
School Children in Uniform Outside, Granger, Texas

image 6066
School Children in Uniform Outside, Granger, Texas

image 6067
Husova School Group, Granger, Texas

image 6068
Church School Class, Granger, Texas


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