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Walburg, Texas History

est. 1881 --- Population: 250 (2003)


The Interior of Zion Lutheran Church. Walburg, Texas formerly known as Concordia, is a predominately German-settled community with other ethnic groups such as Wendish, Slavic, Austrian, and Swiss settling in the area.


Courtesy of Leona Kokel


Interior Zion Lutheran Church, Walburg, Texas / image 9020


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Circa 1882

Church 1901
photo circa 1940's

Circa 1896

Dedication of State Historical Marker
Zion Lutheran Church and School
Church in 2006
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Zion Lutheran Church and School State Historical Marker



St. Peter Lutheran Church

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St. Peter Lutheran Church History Marker
The St. Peter Lutheran Church was founded on March 31, 1889. By a small group of German settlers. In July,1889, it became a member of the First Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Texas. The first church building was built on this site in 1889. After being served by circuit pastors, the church called its first resident pastor in early 1890.

The present building was constructed in 1930. Many articles from the old church were used in the present structure, including the windows in the chancel. The other windows were gifts at the time of construction.
This congregation continues to serve her risen Lord through witness and service, and has become known as "The Friendly Little Church in the Valley." in memory of Kerney Wolf


1924 - 1982



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image 9018
Aerial view of Walburg, Texas taken in 1946 by Martin Anderegg from Odes Tonn's airplane which he owned and piloted.

image 9019
Teacherage Home, Walburg, Texas

image 9021
Kokel's Home, Walburg, Texas

image 9022
Kokel's First Residence, near
Walburg, Texas

image 9024
Mickan Motor Co. Walburg, Texas,
ca. 1930's

image 9029
Walburg State Bank,
Walburg, Texas

image 8220
P.H. Affner, George Feien,
and Albert Becker, farmers, near Walburg, Texas,
ca. 1912

image 8143
Mickan-Neitsche Family Reunion, Walburg, Texas

image 8142
John Schwausch Wedding,
 Les & Elvira (Schwausch)Curry wedding and the 50th wedding anniv. of John & Bertha Schwausch.

image 8141
Guswausch Schwausch Family, he had 1 daughter, and 7 sons, Walburg,Texas

image 8083
John & Christiana Kokel Family, 50th Wedding Anniversity in 1874.
Front l-r: Martha and Ernst Kokel, Christina and John Kokel, Hanna and Henry Bethke, back l-r: John and Lena Kokel, Christoph and Pauline Kokel, John and Selma Kasperik, Ernest and Christina Buchhorn, Martin and Ellie Teinart, Charlie and Rosalie Doering, Cora and Herman Kokel, Walburg,Texas

image 8080
Grandchildren of Henry & Lina Doering.
ca. 1920's,

image 8079
Ardell Kalmbach and baby sister Dorthy. ca. 1930's,Walburg,Texas

image 8078
Ardell Kalmbach Family, back l-r: Lorine K. Schulz, Melvin Kalmbach, front l-r: Robert Kalmbach, Dorthy Andrews, Ida Kalmbach, Ardell Kalmbach. Walburg, Texas

image 8077
Four Generations of Cassen Family,
ca. 1954, l-r:
Brock Robert Kalmbach, Andell Maynard Kalmbach, Ida Ilse Kalmbach, Lizzie Cassin Ilse, Walburg,Texas

image 8076
Henry Jacob Family, ca. 1918, l-r: Henry Jacob, Ben Jacob, Esther Jacob
Schwausch, Walter Jacob, Gus Jacob, Anna Doering Jacob. Henry Jacob owned and operated a blacksmith shop in Walburg, Texas since 1901 until his death in 1950. His son, Walter became a partner in the business from a young lad and was later in 1939 joined with a brother-in-law, Albert Schwausch
[Esther's husband] joining the business. The business was sold after his family became too old, however changing times forced this business to dissolve.

image 8075
Ben P. Kurio Family.
Walburg, Texas ca.1930

image 8074
Maria Schneider Kokel, ca 1900. She was the mother of John Herman Kokel and Magdalena [Mrs Matthew] Kasperik. The Kasperik's moved to Walburg,Texas in the late 1880's,and lived one mile east of Zion Lutheran Church.

image 8073
Henry & Lena Doering Family, ca. 1912. Walburg, Texas, back l-r: Frank,
Anna [Mrs Henry Jacob], Frank, center l-r: Papa Henry holding Otto, Mama
Lena holding Willie, Fred [standing], front l-r: Lina [Mrs. O.H. Kieschnick,
Marie [Mrs. F.R. Lescher], Henry, Martha
[Mrs. Ben Kurio]. and Carl,

image 8072
Leschber Family, l-r: F. R.
Leschber, Geraldine Leschber Sparks, Ruth Leschber Kieschnick, Elaine Leschber Southerland,
Mildred Leschber Schwausch,
Edna Lesschber Brown,
and Marie Doering Leschber.

image 8070
Neitsch Family,

image 8069
Christopher Kokel & Pauline Teinert Wedding, ca.1905, Walburg,Texas

image 5066
Zion Lutheran Church & School, Walburg, Texas

image 5064
2nd Zion Lutheran Church, Walburg, Texas

image 5045
Congregation of Zion Lutheran Church, Walburg, Texas

image 5027
Vacation Bible School, St. Peters Lutheran Church, Walburg,Texas

image 5026
Walther League, Zion Lutheran Church w/ Identification of 73 members,
Walburg, Texas

image 5025
Zion Lutheran Church School, All Classes, Walburg, Texas

image 5024

image 5022
1939- Inside view of Zion Lutheran Church, Walburg, Texas. The
confirmation class braided cedar which adorns altar area. The white Easter Lillies were made by Phillip Schneider, father of Gus, a member of the class.

image 5021
1911 Confirmation Class of Zion Lutheran Church, Walburg, Texas. front lr: Esther Hanusc Schneider, Emma Domasaschke, Maria Doering Leschber, Leona Andres, 2nd l-r: Hulda Kalmbach, Ella Kokel Teinart, Pastor J. H.
Sieck, Selma Mersiovsky Schwausch, Emma Schulze, back l-r: Ben Sieck,
Albert Teinart, F. R. Leschber, John Jeske, Edward Kalmbach

image 5002
Old Zion Lutheran church at Walburg. The parochial
school was established in 1882.
This church has served many pioneer families of the area.

image 3030
The Matthew Kasperik's threshing crew, ca. 1913. This farm was located one mile NE of Walburg, Texas. Harvesting oats and a little wheat became a community affair. It is told that some men stayed several nights or all week while traveling with the thresher as they went from one farm to another.
Some men even slept under the wagons. The women and small children followed the crew who worked from sunrise to sunset. They worked from Monday through Saturday, but not on Sunday - that was a sacred day spent at church with recreation at home in the evening. The women cooked and
baked large meals on their wooden cook stoves during these hot summer days, while small children enjoyed playing

image 3020
Steam Tractor Used for Thrashing, Walburg, Texas

image 3020
Walburg Motor Co.,
Walburg, Texas

image 3017
1941 John Deere "H" with V. Kokel in snow, ca. 1943, Walburg, Texas

image 3001
Henry Doering established his general store in 1882 and in 1886 the community was named Walburg after his birthplace in Germany

image 2094
"In for Life", man in portable jail, Walberg, Texas, ca. 1930's

image 2045
Walburg Community Center, Barbequing, back to camera: Ardell Kalmbach, behind post: Gilber Kurio, wearing glasses: Norbert Kasper

image 2044
Hog Butchering,
Walburg, Texas

image 2043
Playing croquet on Sunday afternoon on the Matther Kasperik farm near
Walburg, Texas. Note that they did not bother to change clothes after
church, but enjoyed a frequent Sunday afternoon entertainment. ca. 1913

image 2040
Opossum Creek near Walburg, Texas. 1939, l-r: Gus Schneider, Alice Domel, ? Domel, Leona Kieschnick, Irene ?, Calvin Kelm,

image 2039
Hunting Party, Cottontail Rabbit Hunt in the Snow, l-r: Norman Kokel, Gus Schwausch, Victor Kokel, George Domel, Otto Schwausch, Henry Neitsch, and George Schwausch


image 1191
Men in suits in front of
Neitsch T-Model Car

image 1186
John Kasperik built a barn in Walburg, Texas. ca 1924, l-r: Selma Kasperik, Ella [Mrs Henry] Doering, Norbert Kasperik, seated on rafter, John Kasperik, and Fritz Domel, builder.

image 1185
John Kasperik's home &
car in Walburg, Texas, ca. 1924. Selma, son Norbert,
and John are proud of their
new 1924 Model-T ford
with a hard
top and windows.

image 1184
Traugott Richter Family. L-r: front Traugott Richter, Erwin, Walter, Hulda, Lydia [Mrs. John Neitsch] back l-r: Meta, Martin, Max, Ella [Mrs Walter Zoch] Hilda [Mrs. Edwin Kokel]. Taugott Richter often recalled that when he came to Williamson County from Lee County, he moved to the Williams Ranch, east of the Yearwood Ranch. It was located about 4 miles south of Jarrell. The prairie grass was shoulder high and snakes could be seen sticking their heads above the grass. Traugott came to Texas at age of two. His wife, Hulda Schneider came later. She had completed the 6th
grade in Germany.

image 1004
In February of 1923
some residents of
Walburg built this

Lutheran Church Cemetery 2007

bank Bldg.

EV Luth Zion's Cemetery
Dry Goods Store
HY Doering
Dry Goods



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